Four At-Home Setups for Productivity

Working from home takes laser-like focus and discipline which can seem overwhelming when there's a kitchen full of snacks and Netflix’s algorithm is ready to play all your favorite shows. We’re here to help. And the upside to working from home is the ability to create your ideal setupthe location, accessories and organization style.  



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1. Stick to Your Routine 

If your routine is to get up at 7 a.m. and brew your favorite cup of coffee, do it. And build your space around it. Your routine will keep a sense of normalcy. Create a setup that has plenty of space for those daily necessities and to-do lists to keep you on track throughout the day, along with your tech essentials. Enhance your routine by stepping away from your setup from time to time by taking a walk outside or enjoying some fresh air on your balcony or porch. There’s a good chance it will breathe new life into your work.  


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2. Stake Your Tech Territory 

If your position is tech heavy, it’s important you figure out how to connect all your chargers and place your monitors or laptop securely while you work from home. Use a grid system for a clean and universal solution to cable management anchoring chargers below the desk surface. Securely elevate monitors to leave room on the desk surface for your laptop or paper accessories. Once you’ve connected your chargers and displayed your monitors, maybe add a plant or family photo to keep you motivated! It's a good idea to place your file cabinet near your desk setup so you won’t have to go far for any needed files. This will keep you focused and organized throughout your set working hours. 



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3.  Built for Boundaries 

If you have the luxury to set boundaries and working hours while you’re at home with family, specifically kids, then create your setup around this priority! Find a room or spot at home that isn’t regularly used by the family that’s clean and organized. If you're used to walking from meeting to meeting, a standing desk or elevated workspace may be the best option. Giving you the ability to walk in place complementing the amount of time you sit throughout the day. The standing setup above also showcases a place for your headphones, this allows them to be close by for those times you need to cancel out the chaos.    


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4. Stay Inspired and Connected 

Connecting with coworkers, friends and family is needed more than ever to stay happy, healthy and productive. Dock your phone or tablet to make it easier to have handless video calls. Store your chargers close by to keep you charged for each great conversation!  Whether or not your position of a company requires illustrating or writing ideation lists, it’s a great time to put pen to paper! Don't underestimate trays and small containers that are great for keeping all your small writing tools organized. Another way to feel inspired and healthy during this isolating time is by displaying your beloved plants at your workspace for a pop of color and peaceful presence. 


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Four At-Home Setups for Productivity