A Workspace Oasis

Your work day may be hectic but your workspace doesn’t have to be. Every ARTIFOX product is made using quality, sustainable materials with a clean, minimal space in mind. We are constantly exploring new ways to create a workspace that promotes focus through functional design.

Achieve a workspace oasis with the below tips and products to accomplish more during your work day: 

1. Work Without Wires

Cut the clutter. Our DESK 02 and STANDING DESK 02 are designed with a DOCK and GRID to organize your tech and cables.

The DOCK design is the perfect resting place for your tablet or phone. Soft felt KNOTS hold cables in place, right where you need them.

The GRID under the top of DESK 02 is a clean and universal solution to cable management anchoring chargers below the desk surface.

2. Display Your Greenery

A workspace can be transformed by adding greenery. Plants create a positive, productive work environment with their ability to provide fresh air. By having more ways to display your plants, you’ll be more connected to those great outdoor memories of hiking or relaxing to motivate you to complete your to-do list. 

We offer a Large and Small STAND that elevates your greenery to give you more space for your daily tasks. The STAND lifts your plants to give them more access to light to keep them healthy and growing.

This minimalist wall SHELF adds storage and functionality to your workspace. Let your desk area breathe by taking the notes or sketches you're not using daily and filling your wall SHELF with them. This reversible SHELF can display your plants in even more ways by using PEGS or BASKETS.

3. Utilize Design Details

When we create a product we add functional design details to make your work life easier. Maximize your space by giving each item its own place such as headphones and bags.

Built-in PEGS designed for our DESK 02 serve as functional hooks. These will ensure you never go back to an ordinary desk.

The TRAY covers the small pesky office supplies, like your pens and pencils. It fits seamlessly in the DESK 02, keeping them right at your fingertips.

Your full days will become more clear with these essentials. Are you ready to create your workspace oasis? 

A Workspace Oasis