Beauty of Technology's New Setup



“I've finally managed to set up my desk in the new apartment! Found a nice cozy place for it
and also got a new beautiful plant for it (it’s an Emerald Palm if you are curious).
And I really like how it looks now: nice and fresh 👌🏼 I have to bring my chair for it still though 😅.
The desk from @theartifox was one of the few things I took with me into my new place.”


Nikolay of @beautyoftechnology made moving into a new home an opportunity to create the perfect workspace. Our Bone + Walnut Desk was the ideal setup to add warmth to this bright, minimalist space.

Cable management is essential to keep a clean, organized workspace in this pristine home, the Desk's Grid is a universal solution to anchor chargers below the desk surface. The Cable Management Kit, provided with every Desk order, seamlessly hold his chargers in place. While the Pegs serve as a convenient home for Nikolay’s vast array of headphones. 



“Clean Space. Clear Mind. Really proud of how my desk setup turned out.
Thanks @theartifox Team for creating such a beautiful desk 👌🏼”





Learn more about Where Technology meets Aesthetic at @beautyoftechnology. For setup details shop the Walnut Collection or contact us at



Beauty of Technology's New Setup