Shortstache’s Setup

April 28, 2020

Shortstache’s Setup



Garrett King, known as @shortstache, is a lifestyle photographer we’ve been following for some time now. He has a striking, distinct style that couldn't go unnoticed and caught our eye immediately. The work he produces for an array of clients, including Budweiser, Highland Park Whiskey, Danner Boots, Samsung, LG, Sony, Apple and several others, is focused on sharing stories in their entirety through design, photography and videography. He showcases every story’s big picture by capturing all the in-between moments, because those are the moments that make it a memorable journey. Having your own sense of style and aesthetic is what he finds important in any craft, and we feel the same. Every story is different and that individuality feeds into how you execute your craft with your own personal touch. 


When Garrett isn’t traveling to remote locations for work, he counts on his Walnut DESK 02 at-home setup for post production edits. A recent project he’s been working on is a Basesets Workshop coming out the first week of May to anyone and everyone who's interested! This will be a workshop/tutorial of presets he has built out and he’ll be breaking down his style and custom Shortstache tools to help viewers learn more about colors, lighting, post production work and more. Follow him here for more details. 





If you’re interested in Shortstache’s Walnut Collection at-home setup equipped with the DESK 02, BANDS, PEGS and KNOT find more information here or email us at




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